Sukhomlinski, an educationist from the former Soviet Union used to regard school and family as two “educators”. He said:”The parent and school should not only act under the same request to children but also share the same faith.” With the co-work of school and family, the students will grow in a true, kind and beautiful environment, and then they will become a good person as expected. In the second part of New Year’s report, the SUIS Xiamen parents are going to share their experience.


I’ve been looking for a better school environment for children, and I have got to know SUIS at an enrollment activity. The mission of SUIS matches with my expectations of children. So, when I heard that SUIS is going to open a new campus in Xiamen, I apply without a second thought.

                                                     —–Maggie’s Mom

After receiving the offer from SUIS Xiamen, the whole summer vacation was filled with both expectation and anxiety. At that time, the campus was still in the process of re-building. It was a construction site and I can’t tell what it will look like.I told myself that I should be patient, and I should have confidence in SUIS. After all, it takes time for a new school to develop.

                                                               —-Abby’s Mom


In this term, my family is satisfied with the campus. I can tell what SUIS Xiamen offers from my children’s study life. I have two children studying there, they really love going school and they always go back home with smile. Especially the older son of G7, he is willing to share his school life with me after school, which has never happened before. He also grows great interests in reading, which he used to dislike. The school also organized family reading. More than reading by themselves, children can read with families. Under the influence of it, I became closer to my children.

                                                          ——-Annie’s Mom

To be honest, at the very beginning of this semester I felt a bit disappointed. Children got into a completely unfamiliar environment, the teaching progress and approaches are so different from public schools; even some school facilities were still under construction.The trabsportation also bothered me.

Fortunately, everything goes quite well and even better and better day by day. The changes occur. Abby’s happier than she used to be.As for study, she has got a variety of learning opportunities. In the past, I used to ask her to do her homework repeatedly, but now she does her homework without any postponing and hastening. As the parent of SUIS Xiamen, I can participate various activities in school, which gave me many opportunities to plan and play with the children.

                                                       ——-Abby’s Mom


How the teachers guide and communicate with the students makes me having greater confidence in school. I believe that SUIS Xiamen is insisting on respecting, accepting and toleration. I have also learned a lot of from it. I also believe that raising the children should be a cooperated work.There is still a long way to go to be a good mother.

                                                       ——Annie’s Mom

As a parent, it is great to see SUIS Xiamen is consummating facilities and the academic group is growing rapidly as well. I am glad that my child is having a happy life in such a school. I majored in Art, so I tried to give suggestions in many school activities. I really am looking forward that there are more and more parents joining us in the school activities!

                                                           —–Zach’s dad

I am quite satisfied with the changes SUIS Xiamen has made.In this semester, I feel confident on studying in SUIS Xiamen because I really can get its education philosophy from teachers, principals, and staff.

  After this semester, students in the class get along better with each other and also do a excellent job on study, especially on English, they all got huge progress. The playground and canteen are in service now and the traffic problem I worried about is improving.

                                                          —-Abby’s Mom

In future, I hope more experience from Shanghai can be used in Xiamen campus as well, such as how families corprate with school , how to share the same education value to build a better atmosphere and environment for children.

To be specific, guaranting the teaching quality, embodying more SUIS philosophy, creating more opportunities for children to explore the world, caring parents concerns, organizing more activities with SUIS features are what the parents expect.

                                                           ——Abby’s Mom

I hope that the third floor of LRC and new multi-functional classrooms will be open soon, and there are more excellent western teachers to join SUIS Xiamen, providing more chances for students getting to know about the world.

                                                            —-Jeff’s dad

I hope that there are more enjoyable extra curriculum activities, we can all accompany children growing happily together with school.

                                                          —-Zach’s dad