Shanghai United International School (SUIS) Xiamen Campus
Co-Principals’ Welcome

SUIS Xiamen is a member of the Xiehe Educational Group, one of the largest educational not-for-profit organizations in Shanghai. SUIS Xiamen opened in September 2017 and now boasts 713 students for whole-through education with 106 teaching staff (expatriate and local) and 24 support staff approximately. Located in the beautiful, sub-tropical city of Xiamen our campus is the most geographically removed from SUIS in Shanghai, the School is already an accredited Cambridge Examinations Centre. From August 2019 SUIS will open a new High School campus in the same road. SUIS was granted approval for this at a recent high-profile government ceremony in the famous Exhibition Centre in the heart of the city, which hosted, at a BRICS Conference among other key national leaders, President Xi of China, formerly the governor of the province Fujian, to which this beautiful island-city belongs.

Our key educational aims are:
• Consolidate Chinese foundations (language and culture)
• Develop English language skills, East meets West teaching methods and global perspectives

Our curriculum (both content and delivery) is structured from G1 to G9 to bring about these changes in a sensitive and considered way.
Our teachers come from Xiamen, Shanghai and other parts of China as well as the four corners of the globe. They are already working collaboratively to share their previous experiences and produce new and contemporary learning resources. They have taken on board opportunities to work together to develop a range of team-teaching strategies. Our staff have formed strong bonds and valuable professional relationships.
We promote international and bilingual education, personalized learning and the holistic development of each student. Our curriculum in the Primary and Middle Schools is our own variation of the SUIS ‘East meets West’ Pioneer Curriculum leading to an international programme in the Senior School. The Pioneer Curriculum integrates the compulsory local curriculum with English language and a Western thematic approach. Our school community is renowned for its creative and nurturing approach. For example, in order to provide the best ‘East meets West’ education to Primary children and enable them to be effective global citizens, we encourage co-teaching among the subject specialists.
In both schools, staff turnover is very low with many teachers seeing SUIS Xiamen as an excellent pathway for professional growth. Many have become leaders and continuously receive our support in their development. If you are interested in making a significant impact on our friendly and high-achieving school entering an exciting phase in its development whether as a parent wishing to send your beloved child here or an educator who wants to join us, then we would be delighted to welcome you and your family into our vibrant school community.