General Information of SUISXM

Q1 : Do you have any requirement for applicants?


There are two admissions every year, Spring and Autumn. We only recruit students of G1 and G7 in Autumn and other grades in Spring. If you are going to transfer from other schools, please follow the information of Spring admission on WeChat. We cannot accept students in the middle of a semester.

Students studying Grade 1 to Grade 9 with or without Chinese Residential Status of Xiamen are welcomed to apply. Students from Siming District have priority in recruitment.

Q2 : What curriculum does SUIS Xiamen implement?

SUIS Xiamen implements the Pioneer Curriculum for students from G1 to G9. The Pioneer Curriculum embodies the Xiehe underlying philosophy of “East meets West”, ensuring national curriculum standards are met while also integrating the essence of international curriculum. (Curriculum Intro.)

Q3 : What are the academic pathways in SUIS Xiamen?

Students can study in SUIS Xiamen from G1 to G9. We are providing the Pioneer Program ,ensuring national curriculum standards are met and integrating the essence of international curriculum. We help every students establish Chinese Student Status so they can participate in admission to public Middle Schools or High Schools. They can choose international high schools as well.

Q4 : Who are your teachers? How many western teachers do you have?

There are experienced Chinese and Western teachers in SUIS Xiamen. Some of them are assigned from different Xiehe Group Campuses, some have been trained by SUIS Shanghai, some are local teachers, some have just graduated from universities with overseas backgrounds. We recruit western teachers from all over the world.

16% of primary teachers are westerners.

30% of secondary teachers are westerners.

Q5 : When does the enrollment start? Can I apply at any time? Can I go to visit your school without making an appointment?

You can apply when the enrollment begins. Please check We Chat for detailed information. We do not accept any campus visits.

Q6 : How can I contact you?

After reading through the Admission information on We Chat or the website, if you still have some questions, please call us at 0592-5205850(0).

Office hours are from 7:30- 16:30 (Mon to Thu) and 7:30- 15:30 (Fri).

If you would like to contact us outside the office hours, please leave a message on We Chat or send an email to, we will reply as soon as possible.


Q7 : What is the process of recruitment?

Q8: How many methods of application?

For now, there is only one method of application—submitting the application form on We Chat or our official website. Please make sure you are using the correct method. Any other method is false.

Q9: How long should I wait for a response after I have the submitted application?

The admission office gets your application as soon as you submit it on We Chat. Please complete the form correctly and carefully with authentic information. The admission office will check the application and invite the students to attend an interview via phone or text message. The notice of interview will be sent before the next interview. We have limited seats, please apply as soon as possible.

Q10 : How can I prepare for the students’ interview?

We would like to review the students’ academic record of the past year and the Chinese、Math、English exercise books of the last semester . This includes Chinese writing exercises and Math and English test papers.

Q11 : When can I get the result after the interview?

Students who pass the interview will get the notice of the family’s interview within one week by SMS. The result of family’s interview will be sent to the email address registered in the application form, the specific time of the notice will be provided on the date of interview.

Q12:How is the result provided?

The final result will be sent to the email address registered in the application form, you will get an Offer Letter after you have paid the tuition fee and handed in all the required documents.

Q13 : Does it matter if I miss the deadline to pay the tuition fee or make registration?

The deadlines of paying tuition fee and making registration are indicated in the email of final result. Please remit the tuition fees and submit the documents on time. The Offer Letter will be issued only after the relevant information has been collected. If you fail to do that, the acceptance will be canceled.

Q14 : Why it is necessary to have interview with parents? Is family’s financial condition is not the only consideration of acceptance?

Having an interview with parents aims to build good communication between family and school. We are looking for parents who can share the same values of education with us. During the interview, admission officers will answer the parents questions directly.

Q15 : What is the daily schedule in SUIS Xiamen?

The yearly total of school days is equal to public school. Since the school provides lunch, there is only one hour for break at noon. The daily arrangement will be slightly different in the afternoon. The calendar will be published every year in advance.

Q16 : What is the meal plan? Can students stay in campus for dinner?

The price of meals is RMB 30 per person each day including lunch and some snacks. The lunch break is one hour at noon. We don’t provide dinner or any other services after school time.

Q17 : How do you purchase school uniforms?

Xiehe Group has prepared a whole set of uniforms which includes different clothes for four seasons according to the weather of Xiamen. You can buy the uniforms on We encourage students to wear uniforms to school, as it is a symbol of the SUIS character,  enhances SUIS student identity , and reduces unnecessary competition.

Q18 : Is the school a boarding school?

No, SUIS Xiamen is a day school. There is no accommodation on campus.


Q19 : Do you provide school bus service?

We do not offer this service, so we kindly suggest the parents to plan sufficient time for transportation, avoiding rush hours. Please follow the traffic rules.