As time flies by, the first semester of the SUIS Xiamen is coming to the end. The students, the parents and the staff in SUIS Xiamen have so many experiences would like to share with you all. Let us find out together.

Hello! Remember me? I am Susie from P1D—- the first report in SUIS-XM Wechat is about me! I would like to tell you a good news that I have six teeth changed and my teachers said that I am taller and taller every day.

I am happy in school. There are lovely teachers and friends, the campus is just like an amusement park with increasing number of facilities in.

LRC is my favorite spot in school, I love reading there. In the tree houses and reading stages, I can read with my shoes off, just like the way I do at home. And there are a lot of books, beautiful environment, just like the fairy tales.

 I found the photo of myself taking notes in the Inquiry Class in Gulangyu  reported on SUIS-XM Wechat, which is really exciting and encouraged  me. Ehh…… what I would like to share? I have a question actually, when can we play on the new playground? I am expecting to play football on it!

This semester, I met many new classmates and have made a lot of new friends. Besides study, I can do more in school. I can participate in all kinds of inquiry activities with my classmates, organize assembly together, My English recitation at the assembly was also praised by Mr. Steve, the Western co-principal.

In laughter, our friendship grows stronger, and I became more and more aware of the value of friendship. Thank you for SUIS Xiamen giving me excellent classmates and teachers and thanks for giving me a warm family.

 Happy New Year to our teachers and friends! In 2017, I have experienced many interesting and unforgettable things in school: I joined the student union, organized Halloween activities and Christmas performance together with my classmates. It made me learned how to coordinate an activity. When I was joined tide trip of geography class, I had a close contact with nature, which made me realize the importance of environmental protection The drama class taught me how to act and fall in love with music opera; the holiday bazaar  on last month also made me get to know about charity and social responsibility.

 Looking forward to the next semester! Hope to have more activities to wait for us!

First of all, I want to congratulate my school! Because SUIS Xiamen has been formally awarded the Cambridge Examination Centre. To sum up this semester, my greatest gain is to have a certain understanding of the IGCSE test.  The school is full of free academic atmosphere, teachers respect the ideas and opinions of each of us, and the atmosphere of the class is very active. Such as an environment, our independent learning ability has been improved.


Students who spend most of their time at school have a lot to say, so what do parents think and expect about SUIS Xiamen? Please look forward to the next Annual Report !