1. Application Requirement
Pioneer Curriculum: The students with or without Xiamen Residential Status, who were born in
the period between 1st, September, 2011 and 31st, Aug, 2012.
Local Stream: The students who live in the District are under the requirements (in accordance with
the enrolment requirements of Fujian Demonstration Primary Schools established by Xiamen
* The students of Local Stream should not be more than 25% of the students of Pioneer Curriculum.
2. Application Period
a) Pioneer Curriculum: From 30th , March, 2018 to 24th , June, 2018, all the admission work will be completed before 4th, July, 2018.
b) Local Stream: 8th Jul- 9th, Jul.
3. Enrollment Procedure
1). Pioneer Curriculum:
a)  Follow Official We Chat “SUIS Xiamen”, complete the application form correctly with authentic information on line in time;
b)  Participate in enrollment activities as required by the notice on SMS;
c)  Receive the pre-offer, pay tuition fee, hand in required documents and complete official registration to get Offer Letter.
2). Local Stream: The students live in the District who meet the requirements can be accepted. After the start of school, the transfer-in is not acceptable; And all the transfer- out should follow the
transfer procedures. The Students of Local Stream can apply for Pioneer Curriculum.
4. The Principle of Enrollment
1) Pioneer Curriculum: Students apply voluntarily, and will be admitted following the standards of enrollment of SUIS Xiamen.
2). Local Stream: refer to the enrolment requirements of Fujian Demonstration Primary Schools established by Xiamen Bureau.
5. Tuition and fees
1) Tuition Fee: RMB 80,000 /year;
2) Service fee:
a.  Lunch and snakes: RMB 28 per day, pay voluntarily;
b.  School uniform: pay voluntarily, RMB 3,000 to RMB 3382 for the first year(26pcs for four seasons, price varies by sizes and genders);
3) Payment:  Tuition fee and service fee: install once by year.
6. Policy on tuition fee SUIS Xiamen carries out
Referred to “Details rules of Education Fee Charged in Private School of Fujian”.
7.  Notice
All the documents provided should be authentic. If any falsehood is found, the offer will be cancelled immediately. For those who have completed the registration procedure, how to process the return of payment should be in accordance with the process of drop-out students.
School Address: No.1055 North Honglian Road, Siming District, Xiamen
Admission Office: 0592-5205850
Shanghai United International School, Xiamen
30th, Mar, 2018